Psychotherapy groups can offer numerous benefits. In addition to the CBT-based knowledge provided, the process of discussing and working through one’s difficulties in a group setting can provide several other meaningful experiences. This ‘group process’ allows for peer to peer social support as well as normalization of the difficulties which each group member is experiencing. In addition, groups often provide a safe space for members to share treatment gains and setbacks which allows others to learn from common experiences.

Please email us at info@cbtpalmbeach if you are interested in participating in any of our psychotherapy groups.

+ Mindfulness Meditation Group

Research has found numerous physical and mental health benefits resulting from mindfulness-based meditation practices. Mindfulness means paying attention on purpose and without judgement to what is happening in the present moment, both internally (thoughts, emotions, physical sensations) and externally (sights, sounds, smells). We offer a closed 5-session 90-minute long group for individuals who are interested in learning about and beginning or enhancing mindfulness in their lives. In group, we will introduce you to the core components of mindfulness-based meditation practices and provide opportunities to practice meditation during and outside of the group. You will learn how to conduct a sitting meditation, body scan meditation, loving kindness meditation and others.

NOTE: This is not a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) group.

+ Social Anxiety Group

We offer a specialized, evidence-based group for adults with social anxiety. Groups are typically co-ed with no more than 8 participants, for the sake of ample practice time. The group takes place weekly and lasts 12 weeks, with each session being 90 minutes long.

Research evidence supports two components of behavioral treatment for social anxiety disorder as most effective: the (1) social skill building and (2) fear reduction, also known as exposure-based treatment. Our group provides these two components in a structured format.

This group is designed to address common social skills deficits found in people with Social Anxiety Disorder including:

· initiating conversations

· maintaining conversations

· inviting peers to join in activities

· joining groups

· phone skills

· accurately recognizing social cues

· using appropriate assertiveness

Each group consists of education about a particular social skill, modeling of that skill by the facilitators, and behavioral rehearsals (role-plays and in vivo exposures) by group participants. Gentle corrective feedback from group facilitators and peers help with skill mastery. Between sessions, participants practice skills in a goal-directed way in their day-to-day lives in order to build skill generalization.